Deafening Roar

Deafening Roar

Cast Time: Instant, 3.3s duration
Target: Area
Range: 8 meter radius
Cost: 4163 Stamina
Skill description
Roar with bloodlust to terrify up to 6 nearby enemies, fearing them for 3.3 seconds and applying Major Fracture to them, reducing their Physical Resistance by 5280 for 7 seconds.

New effect
Reduces enemies Physical Resistance.

Name: Deafening Roar
Type: Active ability
Location: World > Werewolf
Unlocks at: Werewolf rank 5

Make sure to check out the Ultimate Werewolf Guide, the Werewolf guide contains all information about Werewolf that you need to know.

Base ability


Other morph

Ferocious Roar

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