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In the Armor category you can find the following armor types that are present in the Elder Scrolls Online: Light Armor, Medium Armor and Heavy Armor.

To unlock these skill-lines on your character you have to find and wear some pieces of the armor type, afterwards the skill-line will be fully visible in your character skills section. In case you are wearing only one piece of a certain type of armor it won't unlock the skill-line in your characters skill section, you have to wear several pieces to do that.

The armor skill-lines are leveled up by simply getting experience points from any activity such as killing monsters or completing quests. To level up the skills from the armor type of your choice, you have to place them on your front bar.


Heavy Armor

Name Type
Unstoppable Unstoppable Active
Immovable Active (Morph)
Unstoppable Brute
Unstoppable Brute Active (Morph)
Heavy Armor Bonuses Heavy Armor Bonuses Passive
Heavy Armor Penalties Heavy Armor Penalties Passive
Resolve Resolve Passive
Constitution Constitution Passive
Juggernaut Juggernaut Passive
Revitalize Revitalize Passive
Rapid Mending Rapid Mending Passive

Light Armor

Name Type
Annulment Annulment Active
Dampen Magic
Dampen Magic Active (Morph)
Harness Magicka
Harness Magicka Active (Morph)
Light Armor Bonuses Light Armor Bonuses Passive
Light Armor Penalties Light Armor Penalties Passive
Grace Grace Passive
Evocation Evocation Passive
Spell Warding Spell Warding Passive
Prodigy Prodigy Passive
Concentration Concentration Passive

Medium Armor

Name Type
Evasion Evasion Active
Shuffle Active (Morph)
Elude Active (Morph)
Medium Armor Bonuses Medium Armor Bonuses Passive
Dexterity Dexterity Passive
Wind Walker Wind Walker Passive
Improved Sneak Improved Sneak Passive
Agility Agility Passive
Athletics Athletics Passive

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