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In the Crafting category you can find the following crafting types that are present in the Elder Scrolls Online: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Enchanting, Jewelry Crafting, Provisioning and Woodworking.

Learn more about each individual Crafting skill-line here:



Name Type
Solvent Proficiency Solvent Proficiency Passive
Keen Eye: Reagents Keen Eye: Reagents Passive
Medicinal Use Medicinal Use Passive
Chemistry Chemistry Passive
Laboratory Use Laboratory Use Passive
Snakeblood Snakeblood Passive


Name Type
Metalworking Metalworking Passive
Keen Eye: Ore Keen Eye: Ore Passive
Miner Hireling Miner Hireling Passive
Metal Extraction Metal Extraction Passive
Metallurgy Metallurgy Passive
Temper Expertise Temper Expertise Passive


Name Type
Tailoring Tailoring Passive
Keen Eye: Cloth Keen Eye: Cloth Passive
Outfitter Hireling Outfitter Hireling Passive
Unraveling Unraveling Passive
Stitching Stitching Passive
Tannin Expertise Tannin Expertise Passive


Name Type
Aspect Improvement Aspect Improvement Passive
Potency Improvement Potency Improvement Passive
Keen Eye: Rune Stones Keen Eye: Rune Stones Passive
Enchanter Hireling Enchanter Hireling Passive
Runestone Extraction Runestone Extraction Passive

Jewelry Crafting

Name Type
Engraver Engraver Passive
Keen Eye: Jewelry Keen Eye: Jewelry Passive
Jewelry Extraction Jewelry Extraction Passive
Lapidary Research Lapidary Research Passive
Platings Expertise Platings Expertise Passive


Name Type
Recipe Quality Recipe Quality Passive
Recipe Improvement Recipe Improvement Passive
Gourmand Gourmand Passive
Connoisseur Connoisseur Passive
Chef Chef Passive
Brewer Brewer Passive
Forager Hireling Forager Hireling Passive


Name Type
Woodworking Woodworking Passive
Keen Eye: Wood Keen Eye: Wood Passive
Lumberjack Hireling Lumberjack Hireling Passive
Wood Extraction Wood Extraction Passive
Carpentry Carpentry Passive
Resin Expertise Resin Expertise Passive

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