Dragonknight Standard

Dragonknight Standard

Cast Time: Instant
Target: Area
Range: 8 meter radius
Cost: 250 Ultimate
Skill description
Call down a flaming battle standard that deals 298 Flame Damage every 1 second for 15 seconds to enemies and applying Major Defile to them, reducing their healing received and Health Recovery by 30%. An ally near the standard can activate the Shackle synergy, dealing 954 Flame Damage to enemies in the area and immobilizing them for 5 seconds.

Name: Dragonknight Standard
Type: Ultimate Ability
Location: Dragonknight > Ardent Flame

Types of damage:
  • Flame Damage
Champion Points buffing this skill:
  • Elemental Expert
  • Elf Born
  • Spell Erosion
  • Thaumaturge
Champion Points protecting against this skill:
  • Elemental Defender
  • Thick Skinned

Dragonknight Standard is a skill located in the Ardent Flame (which can be found in the Dragonknight skill tree). Dragonknight Standard is an ultimate. Dragonknight Standard is a base skill, and can be morphed into Shifting Standard or Standard of Might.

Dragonknight Standard deals the following types of damage: Flame Damage. Which means that it gets buffed by the following blue champion point trees: Elemental Expert, Elf Born, Spell Erosion. Also the following red champion point trees protect against this skill: Elemental Defender.

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