Expansive Frost Cloak

Expansive Frost Cloak

Cast Time: Instant, 24s duration
Target: Area
Range: 28 meters
Cost: 2700 Magicka
Skill description
Wrap a thick cloak of ice around you and nearby allies. The ice grants Major Ward and Major Resolve, increasing Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance, by 5280 for 24 seconds.

New effect
Increase the radius and reduces the cost.

Name: Expansive Frost Cloak
Type: Active ability
Location: Warden > Winter's Embrace
Unlocks at: Winter's Embrace rank 1

Expansive Frost Cloak is a skill located in the Winter's Embrace (which can be found in the Warden skill tree). Expansive Frost Cloak is a morph of Frost Cloak.

Base ability

Frost Cloak

Other morph

Ice Fortress

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