Howl of Despair

Howl of Despair

Cast Time: Instant
Target: Enemy
Range: 10 meter
Cost: 3510 Stamina
Skill description
Crush enemy with a deafening howl, dealing 191 Physical Damage . Allies targeting the enemy can activate the Feeding Frenzy synergy, which grants them unlimited uses of Empower for 5 seconds, increasing their damage done with Light Attacks by 40%.

New effect
Grants a synergy to allies that increases their damage done with Light Attacks.

Name: Howl of Despair
Type: Active ability
Location: World > Werewolf
Unlocks at: Werewolf rank 6

Types of damage:
  • Physical Damage
Champion Points buffing this skill:
  • Master at Arms
  • Mighty
  • Piercing
  • Precise Strikes
Champion Points protecting against this skill:
  • Hardy
  • Iron Clad

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Base ability

Piercing Howl

Other morph

Howl of Agony

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