Replenishing Barrier

Replenishing Barrier

Cast Time: Instant, 30s duration
Target: Area
Range: 12 meter radius
Cost: 200 Ultimate
Skill description
Invoke defensive tactics to protect yourself and nearby allies with wards that each absorb up to 4113 damage for 30 seconds. Each time a ward dissolves, you are restored 6 Ultimate and 119 Magicka.

New effect
Each time a ward dissolve, you restore Ultimate and Magicka.

Name: Replenishing Barrier
Type: Ultimate Ability
Location: Alliance War > Support
Unlocks at: Support rank 6

Replenishing Barrier is a skill located in the Support (which can be found in the Alliance War skill tree). Replenishing Barrier is an ultimate. Replenishing Barrier is a morph of Barrier.

Base ability


Other morph

Reviving Barrier

Builds utilizing Replenishing Barrier

Name Class Role Author
Patron Dragonknight Off-Tank Woeler
Spartan Dragonknight Tank Woeler

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