Ring of Preservation

Ring of Preservation

Cast Time: Instant, 20s duration
Target: Area
Range: 5 meter radius
Cost: 7717 Stamina
Skill description
Brand the earth at your location with a rune of protection for 20 seconds. You and your allies in the area gain Minor Protection and Minor Endurance, reducing your damage taken by 8% and increasing your Stamina Recovery by 10%.

New effect
The rune also reduces the cost of Roll Dodge.

Name: Ring of Preservation
Type: Active ability
Location: Guild > Fighters Guild
Unlocks at: Fighters Guild rank 4

Ring of Preservation is a skill located in the Fighters Guild (which can be found in the Guild skill tree). Ring of Preservation is a morph of Circle of Protection.

Other morph

Turn Undead

Builds utilizing Ring of Preservation

Name Class Role Author
Apprentice Dragonknight Beginner Tank Woeler
Patron Dragonknight Off-Tank Woeler
Spartan Dragonknight Tank Woeler

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